Customer experiences – do you know what it takes to be in the lead? Marginal growth and incremental improvements are no longer enough to maintain a lead in the market. We have to think differently, lead differently, and serve customers in new ways.


Clayton M. Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School and one of the world’s leading experts in innovation and growth, asks the following question:

What is the job your customer want from you when buying a product / service from your brand?

We all have many jobs that need to be completed in our lives. Some small (how kill time in traffic), some are large (find a more satisfying career), some are unpredictable (finding a suitcase lost by the airline) and some are regular (finding a healthy lunch in a rush). Christensen explains that when we buy a product or service we use it to help us complete a job. If it does the job well, we will employ the same product / service the next time we need to get that job done. If it does the job poorly, we quickly find alternatives.

Therefore we have to start by thinking about which job the customer has hired us for and paying us for. And why they are not doing it themselves.

Customer experience is the customers perceptions – both conscious and subconscious – as a result of interactions with our brand through digital and physical platforms.  We are no better than the weakest link in the customer’s micro- and macro- experience with our brand / company.

75 percent of millennials check business values and behavior before they purchase. Expectations change with developments in opportunities through technology and disruptions. That is why we have to think differently and have the ability to quickly pivot our business model.

Businesses that are transparent and show that they stand for good, progressive values that embrace something bigger, stand out the most. Brand perceptions comes in a larger degree from clients buzz and people who work in and with the business. Dialogues with each other and voices in social media should not be underestimated.

What do people say about your business / brand when you are not present?

Think appropriately in terms of the job the customer wants and facilitation of continuous development of the unique customer experience.


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Gartner summarises leading the customer experience very well: “The practice of designing and responding to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.”

Do you nod approvingly when thinking of your good marks in customer satisfaction and quality in customer deliveries? Slow down! You are actually at risk of being passed by other more innovative solutions if you do not check your blindspots. Many sporty Teslas are on the road today, and can easily pass your Rolls Royce if you do not keep up. Exclusively focusing on today’s customer experiences is not enough.

Smart management ensures progression through continuous renewal and changing business models.

  • Loosen the controlling management and give room for a more holistic, open, curious, experimental and customer focused culture.
  • Discuss and test hypothesis with customers, employees, and partners.
  • Analyse and learn. Dare to be different!


Design of good, unique customer experience involves specialized, empathy, creative and even artistic abilities. The organization mentally moves forward in the value chain and in time.

We work both systematically and methodically towards continuous improvements, and we ALWAYS strive to lay in front of customers expectations. We do the best job for our customers and ensure that their experience is unique with us.

Real time insight ensure that we always know the following:

  • The job our customers want from our business or brand
  • The good experiences they have from other brands / businesses / apps that change their expectations towards our brand.
  • How we improve our customer experience further tomorrow.



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